Barriers to financing for Social Economy enterprises

Recently, the second edition of the “European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) 2021-2022” report on Spain, prepared by the Esade Center for Social Impact, has been released. The data it presents highlights how the public sector dramatically benefits social entrepreneurship to the extent that the primary source of income for these companies is the public sector itself. This dependence on the public sector also extends to financing, as more than half of the companies surveyed have turned to such funding over the past year.

There is a problem connecting social entrepreneurs and private enterprises. Private finance is still viewed with suspicion, when it provides an opportunity to incorporate not only sources of finance but also knowledge into the management of private companies.

Bikai Venture Philanthropy is committed to this collaboration and bringing together the efforts of the social economy and the more traditional economy. It is a field of opportunity for the impact economy to grow, one that looks beyond economic returns and aims for a positive social and environmental outcome.