Investment Model

Added Value.

What we provide

Long-term commitment with a view to making the company grow for the benefit of all stakeholders: investors, owners and workers.

The necessary drive to boost the company’s growth based on future-proof strength, beyond simple private equity.

Improved profitability; the EBITDA of investee companies is one of our core values when it comes to monitoring organisation and evolution in the interests of profitability.

More investment to spend on aspects that SMEs see as key to their growth.

Social impact and return through experience and expertise in developing environmental sustainability strategies to respond to today’s challenges.

Job creation as a result of growth, both in terms of the number of people and professional profiles.

Growth oriented, support for internationalisation, expansion, sectoral consolidation and R&D.

Support for increased professionalisation by strengthening management teams and Boards of Directors.

Fast decision-making capability through our presence in decision-making structures, constant dialogue and minimal red tape.

Solutions for the transition in family businesses and generational handover.

Liquidity Event (“Exit”), monitoring and preparing divestments and reaching agreements with the partner on the best time for the divestment.

Alignment of interests, resources, experience and institutionalisation in support of a common project.

A network of collaborators and access to tailor-made financing through specialised partners.

Types of Operations

Succession in family businesses and shareholder reorganisation. We offer to enter into the capital of second or third-generation family-owned SMEs where there is a misalignment of interests among family members.

Transformation projects. We offer financial support through private equity to well-managed companies that need capital to address unique and transformational plans.

Strategy and professionalisation. We support companies that wish to implement a strategic plan to enhance their professionalisation and develop growth strategies.

Businesses we are looking for

We are looking for companies with a competitive edge that can develop and adapt to change.

We are looking for partners with the potential for growth and internationalisation.

We are looking for companies with a proven track record of sustained profitability.

We are looking for management teams willing to stay on and who are committed to the project.

We are looking for companies with an ambitious Business Plan and growth expectations.

We are looking for companies that require support in family succession and generational handover processes.

Relationship with investees

The relationship of the partners and managers with Bikai Participaciones Industriales consists of monthly committees, quarterly Board meetings and special Board meetings depending on the needs of the investee companies.

There are also other types of interactions depending on the needs of the companies at any given time: strategic development, corporate operations, internationalisation, strengthening of management teams, search for financing, etc.