Venture Philanthropy

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Sustainable Development Goals

Bikai Venture Philanthropy is an investment initiative designed to boost projects of social organisations to help them maximise their social impact.

Today’s world faces many challenges in relation to climate change, exclusion, poverty, education or inequality. The UN has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the 2030 Agenda, and Bikai Venture Philanthropy wants to contribute to these collective challenges by contributing its financial support and expertise to expedite projects with a clear social and environmental purpose.

What we provide

Bikai Venture Philanthropy offers two tools to support positive change. On the one hand, financial collaboration, by providing funds to expedite and expand the projects. In this sense, we are committed to tailored financing that meets the needs of our partners and is the most appropriate way to achieve a specific and measurable contribution to Sustainable Development.

On the other hand, we also contribute our expertise in business management and project development, as well as our network of partners and contacts to help improve projects and find the resources needed to achieve a positive impact.

Strategic priorities

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are of equal importance, and Bikai Venture Philanthropy has identified a number of them as strategic:

No Poverty

End poverty.

Quality education

Quality education, especially for children in situations of poverty and exclusion.

Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequalities.

Climate Action

And, more broadly, fight against climate change.

What we are looking for


We want to work with social entities (NGOs, foundations), social economy companies (insertion companies, cooperatives, special employment centres) and traditional companies whose mission is to promote positive change concerning these Sustainable Development Goals by promoting social entrepreneurship.


Bikai Venture Philanthropy’s main aim is to achieve a positive and measurable impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. It is the primary force that drives us. We also want to achieve an economic return, not to make a profit but because doing so is a good indicator that the projects we support are economically viable and sustainable.


Bikai Venture Philanthropy is, therefore, looking for projects that are well-defined, have a clear business plan, and have already started to develop. As in the case of Bikai Participaciones Industriales, our headquarters are in Bilbao. We prefer to collaborate with local projects in the Basque Country and Navarre to maintain a close and effective relationship with our clients.